German Courses in London

Learn to communicate confidently on the go with these ten-week evening classes. You’ll develop your speaking, reading and listening skills and improve your grammar.

German is a key global language, spoken by 90 million people worldwide. It’s the national language of Germany and Austria, and is co-official in Luxembourg and parts of Poland.

Private tutors

In London, you can find a great variety of outlets and teachers for German language lessons. Whether you want to learn for work, travel or the sake of it, there’s a pathway to German fluency that’s right for you. You can even polish your conversational skills before an Oktoberfest in Munich!

At Berlitz, you can choose a class with a private tutor to get 100% of the instructor’s attention. These one-to-one classes will help you master the language and build your confidence with speaking. They also teach you to listen actively and think in German, a key skill for fluency.

Imperial College’s adult evening language courses are popular with a wide range of learners, from students and lecturers to working professionals and retirees. Their beginner German classes for adults are ideal for those who have no prior experience with the language, and their advanced German courses are geared toward people who already know the basics.

Online courses

If you want to learn German and immerse yourself in the culture of Germany, you can choose from several online courses. These language classes offer lessons ranging from beginner to advanced levels. These courses teach grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, and cover cultural topics. They also include conversation and listening exercises. Some of these programs have speech recognition features to help improve your pronunciation.

The CIEE language program offers a variety of German courses. You can choose from beginner survival classes for navigating culture and basic language skills or more in-depth professional German classes for career and travel purposes. You can also take a course at another CIEE campus in Europe, the US, or Africa to expand your international network and open doors to new opportunities.

Kochiva offers interactive and effective language courses that are tailored to your specific needs. Their online German courses are taught by native-level instructors and are aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. They also offer flexible learning options for busy lifestyles.

Public courses

For those interested in German language classes, London has a great variety of options. With one of the largest German-speaking communities in the world, there are plenty of opportunities for anyone to take a German course. Whether you want to learn a few phrases before your next trip to the Oktoberfest or become fluent in the language of Goethe, there is a class for everyone.

A prestigious language school in the heart of London offers a range of German courses for all levels. The classes are led by experienced, native-level teachers who use a communicative approach to learning. This dispenses with the more formal lecture-based teaching found in schools and universities, creating a fun and engaging environment for students to study.

The school also offers bespoke German lessons for individuals and small groups. Its teachers are well-versed in preparing students for exams such as GCSE, A-Level and Test DaF, and can help with work and business needs.

At-home lessons

If you’re a beginner, you can enroll in one of the many German language evening classes London has to offer. These courses are taught by qualified teachers and are aimed at the common European Framework levels A1.1 (suitable for complete beginners) to B2+ (a high level of functional fluency in communication).

You’ll also develop your language learning skills, including how to approach authentic material, and increase your cultural awareness. On completing these levels, you will be able to communicate in and understand German on practical everyday matters.

Germany is the second most spoken language in Europe, and learning it can open doors to jobs, internships and travel. Its culture has inspired many famous individuals, such as Beethoven, Friedrich Nietzsche, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Steffi Graf. In addition, it is an economic powerhouse. There are plenty of opportunities for those wanting to learn German in London, from the Goethe-Institut London to university programs and language schools.

German courses London

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